■ Business outline

Representative Takahiro Chiyoda
License Broker Permission Number 431070027867 Saitama-ken Public Safety Commission Japan
Name Monotsukuri Japan
Adress 3615-1 Shobucho Obayashi Kuki-shi Saitama Japan 346-0115
Mail contact@monotsukuri.info
Tel +81-480-31-9645
Fax +81-480-31-9646

Necessary fee other than commodity price

In addition to products with japanese tax 8% it will take EMS postage.

The circumstances of the customer of returned goods can not be

If merchandise is defective I will replacement or refund

Method of payment :Paypal (payment@monotsukuri.info)

■ Privacy Policy

Monotsukuri Japan recoqnizes the importance of personal information protection we believe that to protect the personal information is an important responsibility of corporate activities on the strict observance of the relevant laws and regulations related to personal information appropriate handling and personal of personal information we have the commitment to protection of information

Handling of personal information

Our shop, there is a case to deal with information that might be personal, such as the following are identified.

  • Information capable of specifying a person in the information deposited by the customer company and medium companies
  • Information capable of specifying a person in the information collected by the other our business
  • Personal information of officers and employees of partner companies to carry out both the shop and the shop and business

Provision of information

Laws and regulations related to personal information, rule, contract, will comply with the rules and the like.

  • proper acquisition and use of personal information from the person
    In the acquisition of personal information from the person, we will explain in advance the purpose of use. In addition, if there is a change in the purpose is to inform it to the party, if you can not agree, you bear in use within the range that has gained the consent.
    If you have received your offer of part or use denial about all of the information, you respond to it. In addition, along with the efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information, disclosure, correction, if there is a request for deletion, you respond to it.
  • Confirmation of the appropriateness of personal information entrusted to us in the transaction, the proper use and safety management
    For personal information that our shop is entrusted to us from the customer companies entrusted to us on the business performance, how to obtain them, confirms the usage agreement range, in accordance with the suppliers of the request and our in-house rules, make the proper use you.
  • Handling clarification of information
    Personal information, use, storage, display of disposal, personal information, under the management responsible, as such a return, will be handled safely and properly.
  • Measures against unauthorized access
    Theft of personal information from unauthorized access, loss, alteration, in order to prevent the destruction, information systems, to build proper information management system as well as other measures.
  • Establishment of an immediate response system problems incurred
    We will build the organizational structure to understand the situation without delay and accurately perform the corresponding and appropriate decision when you should encounter any problems.
  • Continuous improvement Depending on the external environment changes, we will continue to various improvement. The Company recognizes the importance of important personal information protection, based on the above policy, and strive to proper management, use and protection of personal information.




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