Purchase list

  • We also purchase discontinued and discontinued products.


Purchase method

Purchase method

We will quote by email or
fax.Please to ship the item
when it was contracted.
You pay when you arrive.

Substitute purchase

Substitute purchase

List transmission after it is looking for'a commodity.I ships after the commodity inspection.

■Shipping Payment

  • Necessary fee other than commodity price
    In addition to products with japanese tax 8% it will take EMS postage.
    Payment: Paypal settlement
  • Sales bidder, postage to monotsukuri japan is the seller Mr. burden.
    Payment: Paypal settlement

■Sales method

  • The direction of purchase, please ship the item If you can understand the situation on the estimated amount of money. We will pay in the inspection after PAYPAL. Please send it out by EMS. The carriage is the seller burden.
  • Please list those who substitute purchase. We put out an estimate of the purchase price. It is listed in the following HP acknowledge. We will find the contact you soon. Inspection and you pay in PAYPAL later acknowledge. We will send out the receipt and goods in the confirmation after the EMS.
  • Who list of products purchased will be accepted by e-mail or FAX. Number of days there is also such products until the delivery date. Payment by check after PAYPAL. Ships the receipt and goods in the EMS. (Please contact us for delivery time)




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